Preppers Bug Out Bag – SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack Review

by Mac Hanks

Preppers Bug Out Bag – SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack – What Is It?

Preppers Bug Out Bag - SOC Preppers Bug Out Backpack

Preppers Bug Out Bag – SOC Preppers Bug Out Backpack

Sandpiper of California (SOC) makes a variety of sports gear and travel bags that are very useful for preppers. Today we’re looking at the SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack. SOC gear tends to be well built and carefully thought out for its intended purpose. This bag is well suited to its intended use but does come with some caveats that I’ll expand upon a bit below.

The SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack is made of 1000 Denier Cordura nylon and comes in a variety of colors and camo patterns. The dimensions are 10.5 x 26 x 15.5 inches and the empty weight is just under 8 pounds. The bag has a very square design and a capacity of about 5500 cubic inches when fully expanded, this is more than enough capacity for any serious preppers out there. There is an internal main compartment and several pockets around the outside of the bag. It is apparent that SOC has put a lot of thought into the design considerations of this bug out bag as it includes plenty of space, dividers and pockets to keep your survival gear neatly organized should the time arrive that you need to load up your bug out bag and move out.

Preppers Bug Out Bag – SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack – What I Liked

This bag is well thought out. It includes a pocket for a hydration system with holes for the water tubes. Parts of the inside are organized like a school backpack with compartments for small items as well as large. There’s also a large map/document compartment as well as smaller zippered compartments on the top and sides of the pack. The pack has places to attach MOLLE gear as well. If you’re the type of prepper who likes to keep things well organized then this pack will definitely appeal to you. There are also D-rings around the base of the pack that will allow you to attach even more gear to your bug out bag like a tent or sleeping bag.

Preppers Bug Out Bag - SOC Preppers Bug Out Backpack 2

Preppers Bug Out Bag – SOC Preppers Bug Out Backpack 2

The pack has a waist strap and the shoulder straps are about 3 inches wide and well padded. The shoulder straps are also made of a rubbery/grippy material to help things stay in place when you’ve got it strapped on. The SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack has some additional support in the form of two aluminum stays. You may want to adjust these stays to be more form fitting to your torso by hand bending them. Overall this is a great choice if you’re looking for a very large bug out bag because you need to carry some extra gear for yourself or for others in your group like children or the elderly who may not be capable of carrying a fully loaded bug out bag on their own.

Preppers Bug Out Bag – SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack – What I Didn’t Like

This bag is huge…HUGE. This means it will be easy to overload yourself if you get carried away with extras. That isn’t really a complaint but it’s something that serious preppers will need to consider. Fortunately this bug out bag has compression straps around the outside to make it more manageable if you want the assurance of a larger bag but decide to pack light or want to keep things compact as you use up some of your consumables. If you load this thing up, make sure you are physically capable of carrying it at full load for an extended period of time as a bug out bag that you can’t carry is useless. I would not recommend this bag for preppers with a small frame or a woman because it’s so big & you may not be comfortable carrying it.

I also think that the waist strap could use some improvement to be honest. It doesn’t seem wide enough and it’s lacking in the padding department compared t some other bags I’ve carried. The bottom attachments for the shoulder straps seem a bit underwhelming so it’s something you should keep an eye on if you intend to carry this pack for an extended time at full load.

Preppers Bug Out Bag – SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack – Conclusions

Overall I think the SOC Long Range Bug Out Backpack is a good solution for a bug out bag. It’s a huge bag but is manageable with some foresight and proper planning. It’s good quality material and workmanship and the price is reasonable for a preppers bag this size with all of these features. If you need a large bag and are comfortable wearing a large fully loaded bug out bag then this is a very serviceable piece of gear for preppers.

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