Preppers Bug Out Bag – Sold Out After Crisis – Review

by Mac Hanks

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Preppers Bug Out Bag – Sold Out After Crisis Review – What Is It?

Preppers Bug Out Bag - Sold Out After Crisis - Review

Preppers Bug Out BagSold Out After Crisis – Review

Sold Out After Crisis is an ebook/electronic product that is designed for preppers. While it’s not really about bug out bags, it’s relevant to preppers and does contain some useful information. What you’ll actually receive is a DVD that’s packed with a variety of helpful information although the focus is definitely on food items and supplies that are likely to be in high demand and short supply after a significant region-wide emergency. This product probably isn’t for seasoned preppers but it’s defintely a starting point for someone who’s new to the prepper family.

Sold Out After Crisis contains the following items: the 37 vital items guidebook, a water purification quick start guide, survival gardening tips and information and off the grid backup power information. These books can all be printed and bound at your office supply or Kinkos so that you can have hard copies to pass out to family or to add to your bug out bag and survival kit so that you have some printed reference materials available in a jam.

Preppers Bug Out Bag – Sold Out After Crisis Review – What I Liked

Sold Out After Crisis’ strength is that it gathers up information that novice preppers need and want and puts it all together in a unified package. If you’re just getting started, it will sort of set the tone for you and point you in the right direction so that you can start developing some plans and stockpiling things that you might need after a disaster. It covers the gamut of potential crises from natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes to man made catastrophes such as riots and martial law. The fact is that simply having read this information is likely to increase your odds of surviving a catastrophe.

The package contains lists, detailed instructions and sample scenarios for you to consider and prepare for. Information is presented in a straightforward, no nonsense manner and you can study and practice it at your own pace guaranteeing that you won’t miss anything and can revisit sections that you feel are more applicable to your own prepper situation.

Finally, Sold Out After Crisis comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. This will give you plenty of time to review the product and decide if you feel it’s valuable to your family survival preparations.

Preppers Bug Out Bag – Sold Out After Crisis Review – What I Didn’t Like

I do feel, as I mentioned above that this product is not for all preppers. Seasoned preppers who’ve been at this for awhile probably won’t find much of value here other than it’s portable and can be passed along to their newbie prepper friends and family. I also felt that there is a bit too much focus on describing everything in worst case terms which can come off as a bit heavy handed at times. When you watch the video, you’ll see what I mean. Having said that, the information presented is valuable and a lot of preppers will find it educational.

Preppers Bug Out Bag – Sold Out After Crisis Review – Conclusions

Sold Out After Crisis is a basic preppers training course with a focus on commodities that you are going to need in the event of a disaster. This information will help you know what you should be stockpiling and how you should be dealing with some specific situations. The fact that all of this information is collected in one place is convenient and makes it a good value. Sure, you could probably spend days looking for all of this information and gathering it up but do you even know what information you should be looking for? This course will answer those questions for you and have you be prepared to be self reliant rather than scrambling around fighting with people who were unprepared and are now in a panic. I found Sold Out After Crisis to be reasonably priced for what it offers and full of information that preppers should have at hand therefore I am recommending it.

>> Watch the Video for Sold Out After Crisis and order it here <<

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